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  • A Woman Working On The Farm

    Watch: The future (and history) of farming knows no gender

    Celebrating women in agriculture on International Women’s Day -- and every day

    Women agricultural leaders are anything but new to the scene. From the field to the lab to the boardroom, women work the land, innovate technological solutions and craft business strategies. In fact, more than a quarter of U.S. farming today is done by women and more than 40 percent of the global ag workforce is female.
    March is Women's History Month and International Women’s Day is March 8. Both are perfect opportunities to highlight the women who lead in the industry and their communities.
    Land O’Lakes, Inc. member-owner and third-generation farmer Katie Dotterer-Pyle shows us that a woman’s place is wherever she wants to be.
    In her case, that’s leading operations at the Cow Comfort Inn farm in Union Bridge, Maryland, where she and her husband care for 500 cows, milking 350 of them twice a day.

    As a U.S.-based cooperative that does business globally, we’ve eagerly joined the women’s equity conversation to showcase women who help feed the planet.
    These are just a few inspiring stories that have us singing She-I-O all year long!